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Mapping cross-domain metadata to the Europeana Data Model (EDM)

22nd September 2013 in Valetta, Malta [PM]

More detailed info for the tutorial's participants can be found at the tutorial's webpage (updated regularly).


Europeana [1] provides a common access point to digital cultural heritage objects across different cultural domains. Europeana is currently working with EDM, the Europeana Data Model [2]. EDM is designed as a framework for collecting, connecting and enriching the descriptions provided by Europeana data providers. Thematic aggregators around Europeana have developed or adopted domain standards (e.g. LIDO, EAD, EBUcore etc.) to help providers creating mappings from their proprietary metadata sets to those standards.

In some cases, the cross-domain nature of EDM limits the completeness of the mappings. Therefore refinements in EDM and technical solutions have been proposed to accommodate the domain needs. MINT for instance [3] proposes a visual mapping editor for the XSL language to implement crosswalks to various standards including EDM. It establishes solutions to maintain interoperability with aggregators and Europeana.

This tutorial will introduce briefly the main principles of the Europeana Data Model and address the different issues regarding the model itself that have been detected, but also the semantic and technical challenges involved when mapping cross domain activities. The tutorial will invite to more discussion on the guiding principles in mapping and data alignment exercises.



Valentine Charles (Europeana Foundation) is an Interoperability Specialist for both Europeana and The European Library with special responsibility for the Europeana Data Model and activities related to data interoperability. She has followed the development of the EDM and is now actively involved in its implementation into the Europeana workflow.


Antoine Isaac (Europeana Foundation) works as scientific coordinator for Europeana. He has been researching and promoting the use of Semantic Web and Linked Data technology in culture since his PhD studies at Paris-Sorbonne and the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel. He has especially worked on the representation and interoperability of collections and their vocabularies. Besides his work on SKOS in the Semantic Web Deployment group, he has served in other related W3C efforts, for example on Library Linked Data or Open Annotation.


Vassilis Tzouvaras (National Technical University of Athens) received the B­Eng in the Dept. of Electronic & Systems Engineering of Essex University, the M­Eng in the Dept. of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering of Sheffield University in UK, and the Ph.D. in the EECE Dept. of NTUA in the field of knowledge technologies. He is now a senior researcher at the Technical University of Athens. He is active in the Europeana developments and many related projects (Athena, Videoactive, Euscreen, EuropeanaConnect). Main research interests include knowledge representation and reasoning, and semantic web technologies. He has been active in related W3C Working Groups. He has been involved in the development of the MINT platform.

Steffen Hennicke (HU­Berlin, Berlin School of Library and Information Science) is a research assistant at the Berlin School of Library and Information Science (HU­Berlin). He has worked for EuropeanaConnect where he was involved in the mapping and conversion of metadata standards to the Europeana Data Model (EDM). Currently, he works for the project Digitised Manuscript to Europeana (DM2E) where he participates in the further development of the EDM and research on scholarly primitives for the Digital Humanities.

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